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Custom Antenna Flags


our premium Custom Antenna Flags! Crafted from lightweight yet durable Premium Polyester 300D fabric, these flags are UV protected to maintain their vibrant colors even in direct sunlight. Choose between two standard sizes: 4″x6″ for driving and 8″x12″ for parked vehicles. Both sizes feature secure Velcro sleeves for easy installation. Perfect for cars, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles, these flags are versatile and can be customized to your desired size or shape. Promote your business, support your team, or add a personal touch to your vehicle. Upgrade your style and visibility with Custom Antenna Flags!

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Custom Printed Antenna Flags

Our Custom Printed Antenna Flags are a great way to promote, personalize, and stand out! Upgrade your vehicle’s style and make a statement with our premium Custom Printed Antenna Flags. Designed for versatility, these flags are perfect for a wide range of purposes, whether you want to represent your team, promote your company, or enhance vehicle identification. Crafted with precision using Premium Polyester 300D, they offer a lightweight yet incredibly durable solution for all your flagging needs.

Key Features:

Premium Polyester 300D: Our antenna flags are constructed using high-quality Premium Polyester 300D fabric. This material ensures excellent durability, allowing your flag to withstand various weather conditions, including wind, rain, and sunlight.

UV Protection: The Custom Printed Antenna Flags come with built-in UV protection. This feature ensures that your flag’s vibrant colors and designs remain vivid and eye-catching for a long time, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Standard Sizes and Customization: Choose between two standard sizes, 4″x6″ and 8″x12″, to suit your preferences and requirements. The 4″x6″ flags are specifically intended for use while driving, providing a subtle yet impactful display. The 8″x12″ flags, on the other hand, are not suitable for driving and are intended for parked vehicles. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to produce custom sizes or shapes to accommodate your unique needs.

Velcro Secure Sleeves:

Our antenna flags are designed for easy installation and removal. The included Velcro secure sleeves make attaching and detaching the flag a breeze, ensuring a secure fit without causing any damage to your vehicle’s antenna.

Practical Applications:

Promote Your Company or Team: Custom Printed Antenna Flags offer an excellent way to showcase your company’s logo, brand, or team affiliation. They serve as a mobile advertising tool that helps increase visibility and brand recognition wherever your vehicle travels.

Company Branding for Delivery Drivers: These flags are ideal for delivery drivers who want to establish a professional and identifiable presence on the road. Enhance your company’s branding by displaying the logo or name on the antenna flags, making it easy for customers to recognize your delivery vehicles.

Wide Range of Uses and Benefits:

Versatile Vehicle Compatibility: Our antenna flags are specifically designed to fit almost any vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and motorcycles. Regardless of your vehicle type, these flags offer a universal solution to personalize and distinguish your ride.

Enhance Vehicle Identification: Whether you’re participating in a parade, attending a rally, or joining a convoy, these flags serve as a practical way to distinguish your vehicle from the crowd. Enhance safety and visibility by displaying a unique flag design that represents your identity.

Stand out from the crowd and express your individuality with our Custom Printed Antenna Flags. Designed for durability, practicality, and wide-ranging applications, these flags offer an effective way to promote your brand, team, or personal style. Upgrade your vehicle today and let your flag fly high! Please note that the 4″x6″ flags are suitable for use while driving, while the 8″x12″ flags are intended for parked vehicles only.


4"x6", 8"x12", Custom Size or Shape

SINGLE or DOUBLE Sided Imprint


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