Custom Mini Clip-On Cubicle Flags

Our Custom Printed Antenna Flags are a great way to promote, personalize, and stand out! Upgrade your vehicle’s style and make a statement with our premium Custom Printed Antenna Flags. Designed for versatility, these flags are perfect for a wide range of purposes, whether you want to represent your team, promote your company, or enhance vehicle identification. Crafted with precision using Premium Polyester 300D, they offer a lightweight yet incredibly durable solution for all your flagging needs.

Key Features:

Premium Polyester 300D: Our antenna flags are constructed using high-quality Premium Polyester 300D fabric. This material ensures excellent durability, allowing your flag to withstand various weather conditions, including wind, rain, and sunlight.

UV Protection: The Custom Printed Antenna Flags come with built-in UV protection. This feature ensures that your flag’s vibrant colors and designs remain vivid and eye-catching for a long time, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Standard Sizes and Customization: Choose between two standard sizes, 4″x6″ and 8″x12″, to suit your preferences and requirements. The 4″x6″ flags are specifically intended for use while driving, providing a subtle yet impactful display. The 8″x12″ flags, on the other hand, are not suitable for driving and are intended for parked vehicles. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to produce custom sizes or shapes to accommodate your unique needs.

Velcro Secure Sleeves:

Our antenna flags are designed for easy installation and removal. The included Velcro secure sleeves make attaching and detaching the flag a breeze, ensuring a secure fit without causing any damage to your vehicle’s antenna.

Practical Applications:

Promote Your Company or Team: Custom Printed Antenna Flags offer an excellent way to showcase your company’s logo, brand, or team affiliation. They serve as a mobile advertising tool that helps increase visibility and brand recognition wherever your vehicle travels.

Company Branding for Delivery Drivers: These flags are ideal for delivery drivers who want to establish a professional and identifiable presence on the road. Enhance your company’s branding by displaying the logo or name on the antenna flags, making it easy for customers to recognize your delivery vehicles.

Wide Range of Uses and Benefits:

Versatile Vehicle Compatibility: Our antenna flags are specifically designed to fit almost any vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and motorcycles. Regardless of your vehicle type, these flags offer a universal solution to personalize and distinguish your ride.

Enhance Vehicle Identification: Whether you’re participating in a parade, attending a rally, or joining a convoy, these flags serve as a practical way to distinguish your vehicle from the crowd. Enhance safety and visibility by displaying a unique flag design that represents your identity.

Stand out from the crowd and express your individuality with our Custom Printed Antenna Flags. Designed for durability, practicality, and wide-ranging applications, these flags offer an effective way to promote your brand, team, or personal style. Upgrade your vehicle today and let your flag fly high! Please note that the 4″x6″ flags are suitable for use while driving, while the 8″x12″ flags are intended for parked vehicles only.


🔴 1PLY: Also known as Single Reverse. Printed correctly on 1 side with a reverse image on the opposite side. These are the most cost-effective solution and most popular, yet they still look great! 

🔴 2PLY: Also known as Double Sided. Printed on 2 pieces of material and sewn together with an insert liner. Image can be seen correctly on each side. All edges are hemmed. These are perfect for formal occasions or to make a really lasting impression!



Choose from three unique shapes.




🔴 11.2"x22.3" [TEARDROP]
🔴 9"x20.5"     [RECTANGLE]
🔴 11.2"x26.6" [BLADE]


The clip-on mechanism allows for quick and hassle-free installation.

Custom Clip-On Flags



Depending on the mini clip-on flag's design and quantity, we have the capability to either achieve an exact color match or come very close to it. To ensure accuracy, kindly provide us with the Pantone color codes based on the Pantone Matching System. Utilize our online Color Chart to select the desired background color and the colors for the print.


Our production team utilizes various printing methods to achieve the best results. The choice of printing method depends on factors such as artwork design, order quantity, and flag or banner material. We carefully consider these factors to ensure that the selected printing method aligns with your specific order requirements, resulting in the best possible outcome.


Our Custom Mini Clip-On Flags are from from crafted from Premium Polyester. They are not only durable but also boast vibrant colors that will catch everyone's attention


The typical production time for most orders is approximately two weeks delivered in hand. In cases where you have a specific deadline or "drop dead" in-hand date, we strive to accommodate your requirements, provided you confirm it prior to placing an order.

We understand the importance of meeting your deadlines and, as such, we never charge rush fees. Kindly inform us in advance if you have an urgent delivery date. We will promptly assess our ability to meet your requested deadline and will transparently let you know if we can guarantee it or not prior to going into production.


🔴 Shipping is always FREE to all locations in the U.S. & Canada. We ship worldwide at very affordable rates.

Custom Mini Clip-on Flags

Our custom mini clip-on flags are not only versatile but also offer a wide range of uses both indoors and outdoors. Made from premium polyester, these flags come in three shapes - rectangle, blade, and teardrop. Let's explore the variety of uses and benefits they offer:

Indoor Uses:

  • Cubicle Flags: Add a touch of personalization to your workspace by attaching these flags to cubicle walls, shelves, or desks. Showcase your brand logo, slogan, or promote special offers to create a vibrant and engaging environment.
  • Product Promotion: Perfect for retail spaces and restaurants, these clip-on flags provide an eye-catching way to highlight new products, daily specials, or ongoing promotions. Draw customers' attention and boost sales effortlessly.
  • Office Decor: Enhance the aesthetics of your office by using these flags to display motivational quotes, team logos, or decorative designs. Create a positive and inspiring atmosphere for your employees and visitors.

Outdoor Uses:

  • Event Signage: Take your brand promotion to the next level at outdoor events, trade shows, or festivals. Attach these flags to tables, banners, or tents to increase visibility and attract potential customers to your booth.
  • Sports and Celebrations: Show your team spirit during sports events or celebrate special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries with custom mini clip-on flags. Attach them to tables, fences, or temporary structures for a festive and memorable atmosphere.


  1. Cost-effective Promotion: These flags provide a budget-friendly advertising solution that delivers maximum impact. Increase brand recognition and attract attention without breaking the bank.
  2. Easy Installation: The clip-on design allows for effortless installation on various surfaces. Simply attach and reposition the flags as needed without any hassle or additional tools.
  3. Durable and Long-lasting: Made from premium polyester, these flags are built to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions. They resist fading, tearing, and fraying, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing display.
  4. Customization Options: Customize the flags with your own designs, logos, or messages to reflect your brand identity or promotional goals. Stand out from the competition and create a unique visual presence.

Discover the endless possibilities of our custom mini clip-on flags. From indoor branding to outdoor events, these flags offer versatile uses and numerous benefits. Order now and make a statement wherever you go!








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