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Custom Car Mirror Socks


Enhance your vehicle’s style and protection with our Custom Car Mirror Socks. Made from durable 115g stretchable elastic Polyester material, these socks fit perfectly over your car’s rear view mirrors. Customize them with your own design to showcase your personality or promote your business. With UV protection, they maintain vibrant colors even in sunlight, while offering protection against rain, dust, and debris. Easy to install and secure with a bungee cord and locking toggle, our Car Mirror Socks are the perfect accessory to personalize and safeguard your vehicle.

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Custom Printed Car Mirror Socks

Our Custom Printed Car Mirror Socks, the perfect accessory to add a touch of personalization and protection to your vehicle’s rear view mirrors. Made from premium 115g stretchable elastic Polyester material, these mirror socks are designed to fit two different standard sizes: one for CARS and another for SUVs/TRUCKS.

Our Car Mirror Socks not only offer a stylish way to showcase your personality and brand, but they also provide excellent promotion opportunities for various purposes. Whether you’re advertising your business, supporting a cause, or celebrating a special event, these custom-printed mirror socks are a fantastic choice. Imagine using them to promote your sports team, school, business, car club, charity, or even as a unique wedding favor for car enthusiasts.

Beyond promotion, these mirror socks are engineered to shield your car’s rear-view mirrors from the elements. With their UV protection, they ensure the colors and design remain vibrant even under the scorching sun. Rain, dust, and debris will no longer tarnish the appearance of your mirrors.

Installing our Car Mirror Socks is a breeze. Each sock is equipped with a bungee cord and a locking toggle, allowing for easy and secure attachment. Simply slip the sock over your mirror, tighten the bungee cord, and lock it in place. They will stay firmly in position, even during high-speed drives or windy conditions.

Key Features:

  • Custom printed to showcase your brand, cause, or personal style
  • Available in two standard sizes: Cars and SUVs/Trucks
  • Sold in pairs: Each quantity of 1 includes 2 socks for each mirror
  • Constructed from durable 115g stretchable elastic Polyester material
  • UV protected to maintain vibrant colors and prevent fading
  • Provides protection from the elements, including rain, dust, and debris
  • Easy to install and secure with a bungee cord and locking toggle

Upgrade your car’s appearance while promoting what you love with our Custom Printed Car Mirror Socks. Place your order now and make a statement on the road!



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