Custom Made Fabric Banners

Our Custom Printed Fabric Banners, the versatile solution for all your indoor and outdoor promotional needs. With a wide range of applications and three fabric options to choose from, these banners are the perfect way to showcase your message or brand with style and durability.

Our Economy 100d Polyester fabric is designed for indoor use, making it ideal for trade shows, conferences, or any indoor event where you want to make a lasting impression. It offers a vibrant print quality and a lightweight feel, ensuring your message stands out without overpowering the space.

For those seeking a lightweight yet highly durable option, our Premium Polyester 300D fabric is the perfect choice. This fabric strikes a balance between durability and portability, making it suitable for outdoor events such as festivals, sporting events, or storefront displays. The Premium Polyester 300D fabric ensures your banner can withstand various weather conditions while maintaining its vibrant colors.

If you require even greater durability, our 200D Oxford Nylon fabric is the ideal selection. This fabric is designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, making it perfect for long-term outdoor advertising campaigns, construction sites, or any scenario where extreme weather conditions are a concern. Its rugged construction ensures that your banner will remain intact, even in challenging conditions. All of our Custom Printed Fabric Banners are UV protected, ensuring vibrant colors and resistance to sun damage. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these banners maintain their visual impact and durability, making them a reliable choice for any environment.

To cater to your specific needs, our Custom Printed Fabric Banners are available in four standard sizes, providing flexibility for various display requirements. Moreover, if you have unique size or shape requirements, we offer a convenient quote request option to accommodate your specific specifications.

To enhance the functionality of your banner, we offer two hanging options: grommets and pole sleeves (pole pockets). Grommets allow for easy hanging using ropes, bungee cords, or hooks, providing a versatile and secure display. Pole sleeves, on the other hand, enable you to insert poles or rods through the pockets, making your banner suitable for pole-mounted installations.

Our Custom Printed Fabric Banners are not only perfect for promotional purposes, but they also serve as fantastic indoor tapestries or wall banners for schools, dorms, and bands. With their vibrant designs and high-quality printing, these banners add a touch of personality and style to any indoor space.

In schools and educational institutions, our fabric banners can be used to showcase school spirit, display motivational messages, or highlight important achievements. They serve as eye-catching décor that captures attention and creates a positive and engaging environment for students, teachers, and visitors.

For dorm rooms, our fabric banners offer an easy and affordable way to personalize living spaces. Whether it’s showcasing favorite bands, inspirational quotes, or unique artwork, these banners transform plain walls into vibrant and expressive areas that reflect individual personalities and interests.

Bands and musicians can also utilize our custom fabric banners as stage backdrops, adding a professional and visually appealing element to their performances. The banners create a captivating visual experience that complements the music and enhances the overall atmosphere of the event.

Our Custom Printed Fabric Banners have yet another exciting application – they can be used as light pole banners on college or business campuses, parks, and even beaches. With their durability and vibrant designs, these banners are perfect for outdoor settings, providing a visually appealing way to display information or promote events.

On college or business campuses, light pole banners are an effective way to showcase school spirit, advertise upcoming events, or communicate important messages. Our fabric banners are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring they can endure wind, rain, or sun exposure without losing their vibrant colors or structural integrity.

Parks and beaches also benefit from the use of light pole banners to enhance their visual appeal and provide useful information to visitors. Whether it’s directing people to specific areas, sharing park rules, or promoting local attractions, our custom fabric banners serve as eye-catching and informative displays that can withstand outdoor elements.

By utilizing our Custom Printed Fabric Banners as light pole banners, you can transform any outdoor space into a vibrant and engaging environment. The durability of our banners ensures they can withstand weather conditions, while their attractive designs capture attention and deliver your message effectively.

Choose our Custom Printed Fabric Banners to create a memorable and visually stunning display for college or business campuses, parks, beaches, and beyond. Stand out from the crowd, promote your brand, or share information with style and durability.

With our versatile Custom Printed Fabric Banners, you have the freedom to express your creativity and showcase your unique style. From schools and dorms to bands and musicians, these banners are a versatile and stylish choice for adding a touch of personalization to indoor spaces. Order your custom fabric banner today and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings.

Whether you’re promoting your business, announcing an event, or simply adding a touch of personalization to your space, our Custom Printed Fabric Banners offer exceptional quality, durability, and versatility. Choose the fabric, size, and hanging option that best suits your needs, and let your message shine. Order your custom banner today and make a statement that will leave a lasting impression.


🔴 1PLY: Also known as Single Reverse. Printed correctly on 1 side with a reverse image on the opposite side. These are the most cost-effective solution and most popular, yet they still look great! 

🔴 2PLY: Also known as Double Sided. Printed on 2 pieces of material and sewn together with an insert liner. Image can be seen correctly on each side. All edges are hemmed. These are perfect for formal occasions or to make a really lasting impression!



Our custom fabric banners come in 4 different standard sizes. We can make any size or shape just send us a quote request. There is no size limit or custom shape we can't handle! Here is a list of our standard sizes:

🔴 2'x3'
🔴 3'x5'
🔴 4'x6'
🔴 5'x8'
🔴 Custom Sizes & Shapes (Upon Request)


Our custom fabric banners feature expertly crafted 4-line sewing with cross-stitch re-enforced corners, ensuring exceptional durability even in challenging weather conditions. For indoor banners we use a single line stitch. The outdoor banners are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, making them ideal for displaying your message or brand in any outdoor setting. The 4-line sewing technique and cross-stitch reinforcement provide added strength and longevity, ensuring that your banner will last for an extended period. With our custom outdoor fabric banners, you can confidently showcase your identity or message with a product built to last.

All of our fabric banners also come standard with header & grommets. You may also choose pole sleeves or pole pockets instead of grommets if preferred.

Canvas Header with Grommets     pole pocket for custom flags     


Depending on the banner's design and quantity, we have the capability to either achieve an exact color match or come very close to it. To ensure accuracy, kindly provide us with the Pantone color codes based on the Pantone Matching System. Utilize our online Color Chart to select the desired background color and the colors for the print.


Our production team utilizes various printing methods to achieve the best results. The choice of printing method depends on factors such as artwork design, order quantity, and banner material. We carefully consider these factors to ensure that the selected printing method aligns with your specific order requirements, resulting in the best possible outcome.


Our Outdoor & Indoor Custom Fabric Banners are available in 3 different materials. Our ECONOMY (100d Polyester) fabric is designed for indoor use, making it ideal for trade shows, conferences, or any indoor even or use. PREMIUM POLYESTER (300D Polyester) is recommended and most popular. This material exhibits a remarkable balance of qualities, combining lightweight properties with great durability and ideal for prolonged outdoor usage. OXFORD NYLON (200D) is the same same strength as PREMIUM POLYESTER a bit heavier. We also have more extreme durable materials which are heavier and can be used in extreme conditions or situations. Here are the 3 most common materials we offer:

🔴 ECONOMY POLYESTER  most popular for indoor use
🔴 PREMIUM POLYESTER  most popular for outdoor use


The typical production time for most orders is approximately two weeks delivered in hand. In cases where you have a specific deadline or "drop dead" in-hand date, we strive to accommodate your requirements, provided you confirm it prior to placing an order.

We understand the importance of meeting your deadlines and, as such, we never charge rush fees. Kindly inform us in advance if you have an urgent delivery date. We will promptly assess our ability to meet your requested deadline and will transparently let you know if we can guarantee it or not prior to going into production.


🔴 Shipping is always FREE to all locations in the U.S. & Canada. We ship worldwide at very affordable rates.

Great Uses and Benefits of Custom Fabric Banners

  1. Versatile Advertising: Custom fabric banners can be used for a wide range of advertising purposes, both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for promoting businesses, events, products, or services.
  2. Indoor and Outdoor Events: These banners are suitable for various events such as trade shows, conferences, festivals, sporting events, and more. They provide an eye-catching display that grabs attention and effectively conveys your message.
  3. Multiple Fabric Options: Choose from three fabric options based on your specific needs. Economy 100d Polyester is great for indoor use, Premium Polyester 300D offers lightweight durability, and 200D Oxford Nylon is ideal for extreme outdoor conditions.
  4. Vibrant and Customizable: Custom fabric banners allow you to showcase your unique branding with vibrant, high-quality printing. Customize the design, colors, and graphics to create a visually appealing and impactful banner.
  5. UV Protection: UV protection ensures that your banner retains its vibrant colors even when exposed to sunlight. This feature enhances the longevity and visual appeal of your banner, making it suitable for long-term outdoor use.
  6. Flexible Sizing: Choose from standard sizes or request a custom size to fit your specific requirements. This flexibility allows you to create banners of various dimensions, suitable for any space or application.
  7. Easy Installation: Custom fabric banners offer two convenient hanging options: grommets and pole sleeves (pole pockets). Grommets allow for easy hanging using ropes, bungee cords, or hooks, while pole sleeves enable pole-mounted installations.
  8. Personalization for Schools, Dorms, and Bands: Fabric banners serve as fantastic indoor tapestries or wall banners, adding personality and style to schools, dorms, and bands. Customize them with favorite bands, inspirational quotes, or unique artwork.
  9. Durable and Long-Lasting: Fabric banners are designed to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their quality over time. Their durability ensures they can be used for extended periods, making them a cost-effective advertising solution.
  10. Memorable and Impactful: Custom fabric banners create a lasting impression on viewers, thanks to their visually appealing design and vibrant colors. They effectively convey your message, helping you stand out from the competition.

Our Custom Fabric Banners offer versatility, durability, and customization options to meet your advertising needs. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, they provide an impactful display that leaves a memorable impression on your audience.











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